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Alex  (Oleg) Amirian was born on November 24th of 1969 in  Yerevan Armenia.  1983-1986 studied boxing in one of the former Soviet  Union’s famous  boxing schools managed by Olympic Champion Yengibaryan.  1986 enrolled  in army where served in the Special Forces of Russia of  St. Petersburg  City. Completed special training in the “Self-Defense  without weapon”  program. In the army started practicing Thai Boxing  under the  leadership of Kru Pak.

1989-1993  Graduated from Yerevan State University with  Major in Philosophy.  Specialized in trends of Ancient East and Marshal  Arts of East in  history and philosophy of ancient east.

1989-1993  Graduated from Yerevan State University with  Major in Philosophy.  Specialized in trends of Ancient East and Marshal  Arts of East in  history and philosophy of ancient east.1993 continued  the training in  Russia participating in different contests of Self-  Defense without  weapons and Kickboxing. 1994 started training/coaching  work of Thai  Boxing and Yoga sections at the Sports School for youths in  Cherepovezc  (Russia).

1997  participated in International Self-Defense without  weapons tournament-  seminar of “Fighting machine” version that was held  in Minsk Belarus.  Got officially certified as an instructor- methodist  of Self- Defense  without weapon section. Starting from 1997 headed Thai  Boxing  Federation of Armenia. Also was selected as a head coach of the   federation. In 1998 Alex’s students were participating in different   local and national tournaments engaging in the most honorable places;   they conquered two gold medals. Those tournaments were Budo I, Budo II   and mixed tournaments of Self- Defense without weapon where  participants  represented different types of Eastern Marshal Arts  (Karate, Full  Contact Karate, Thai Boxing, and Taekwondo).In 1999  Alex’s students  participated in the Championship of Euroclubs in  Niredhaza, Hungary.  They conquered three gold and one silver medals:  Tigran Hovanesyan 14  y.o. (40 kg.) - Gold, Andranik Melkonyan 24 y.o.  (56 kg.) - Gold, Artak  Dzhelavyan 25 y.o. (90 kg.) - Gold, and Arsen  Barsegyan 18 y.o. (62 kg.)  - Silver.In addition Alex Amirian was  rewarded as the best coach of  tournament.

1999  Alex was offered a job and invited by Chairman, Karoi  Ishtvan of  Hungarian Club “From Tractor”in Niredhaza city to coach one  of the club  representatives in order to get him ready for the Hungarian   Championship. The goal was that the winner then will participate in the   World Championship which was held in Italy. Alex has been very   successful in Yoga coaching, too. His student Vagan Sarkisyan was   entered into Guinness Book. Sarkisyan’s phenomenal abilities are not   only mentioned and recognized in Russian and Armenian media, but also   worldwide (click here to view the record's certificate). Now Vagan   Sarkisyan is heading a Sports Club in Moscow Russia and people refer to   him as an “Iron Vagan”. Many news media covered the event.In 1999 Alex   became a member of US Muai Thai Association, which invited him to USA   later on, where Alex successfully continues his coaching career.
Muay Thai (SE) European Champion

I started my sport career at the Olympic Champion school of Vladimir Engibaryan

I went to the spetsnaz army and recieved my first hand combat training there in
St. Perersburg

I started training Muay Thai in St. Petersburg, 1987
From 1996-­2002 he was the head of Nor Nork District Community in Yerevan. On May 25, 2003 he was elected to the NA from electoral district # 2 and he is currently on the NA Standing. Committee on Science, Education, Culture and Youth Affairs. He is a member of the “People's Deputy” Deputy Group. Since 28 May is a member of the Republican Party of Armenia.

I was Mkrtich Minasyan's bodyguard in 2000 during election. When Peace Corps came to Armenia I was one of the few who guarded them.
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