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A  L  E  X  T  R  E  M  E

First time AlexExtreme showed his extreme talents in America,
organizing hurricane relief show.

Real sharp dart before the stunt                  Darts stuck in Alex's flesh                  Target off, darts out, bleeding


        How can he not feel the pain          Alex                    getting ready to walk on hot coals    These are the coals Alex is going to                    walk on


Episote from extreme show, Alex is laying on 1000 sharp nails with a girl on standing on top


Full podium with broken bottles

Because many organizations deny to register AlexExtreme's stunts and records AlexExtreme team decided to publish a book "AlexExtreme book of extreme world records." This book will include any extreme stunts around the world that are too extreme for any other book. We are not pushing anyone to do any dangerous stunts or records. We know that there are people that do these extreme stunts and want to be noticed and published in this book. Good Luck!!! Maybe you'll be in this book.

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