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Before the Academy came to be Oleg Amirian had experience in boxing, muay thai and self defence.

Practice came with many trips, camp, and championships.

  • Most of the experience came from boxing in Erevan, Armenia: School of Vladimir Engibarian
  • Then spetznaz (special forces) Leningrad, Russia (trainer Master Papov and Shamrai)
  • Muay Thai, Leningrad, Russia (trainer Kru Pak)

In  1997 the federation of Muay Thai was created in Armenia. Oleg Amirian  was appointed president of the federation and head trainer. From this  moment they went to many trips to many countries for training camps and  championships. In a few years students of this federation won many gold  and silver medals in national and world tournaments.

In  2000 Oleg Amirian was invited by Clint Helinger the president of USMTA  to Muay Thai seminar. Oleg liked America and from that moment lives in  USA.

I’m Very grateful for Anatoly Taras’s training

Anatoly  Taras is one of the best trainers of self defense in Belarus and  Russia. In 1997 Oleg Amirian participated in Combat Machine championship  camp. He received a certificate of self defense instructor.

"Combat Machine" is a total fighting system oriented on survival in a fight against several armed assailants.

System  include fighting in any range, against single or multiple opponents,  usage of punches and kicks as well as grappleing techniques, joint locks  etc., defence against weapons and usage of weapons or environmental  tools. Special attention paid to survival tactics and to special  psychological training, which allows switch of fighter's mind into  "berserk" mode.

Unlike  most of modern martial arts (include so-called "no hold barred" events)  which have actually degenerated into duel of two barefooted gentemen  fighting with empty hands under sport rules, "Combat Machine" is  initially oriented to survival in severe street-fight against armed  assaulters when you need to protect your life or lives of loved people.

Best memories of training camp and championships in Europe when my students won in Hungary
(Thanks to Gunci Janos and Karolyi Istvan for cooperation)

The  best camp 2003 in Las Vegas, NV organized by Kru Vat (the best trainer  in Muay Thai) Sekson Janjira (best memories while training with Master  Toddy in Las Vegas, NV)

Academy Division:
  1. Muay Thai (Alex Amirian instuctor)
  2. Ju Jitsu (Kevin Schoenebeck instructor/consultant)
  3. Wrestling/grappling/pankration (Arthur Amirian instructor)(coming soon)
  4. Fighter/championship promotion (Mark Simonyan)
  5. MMA fights/training (Alex Amirian, Kevin Schoenebeck, Arthur Amirian training/consultant)
  6. Extreme Movie/clips/recording championships (Ivan Ustimenko editor, Ernie Stevens III, cameraman/producer)

school of champions has been created since 2005.

Our  school is unique from other martial arts schools in that we conviently  offer a wide variety of martial   art & physical fitness programs  all in one facility. Our students have the option to combine and  incorporate several styles together. This approach helps create a more  well rounded martial artist, as well as enhancing different aspects of  physical fitness.

The  academy has trained a large number of champions and medal winners from  various competitions and continues to do so. All students are encouraged  to help one another within a class and this culture allows beginners  and intermediate students to train together successfully - students  learn from instructors and instructors learn from students.

All  classes have a grading system and students are encouraged to attain  these levels on a regular basis. However, the emphasis remains to learn a  wide skill base rather than sticking to the confines of a single  grading at a time.
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